Writing Your Pitch

Anthony Glavin

Saturday 13th October 2018
Time: 2pm - 5pm
Venue: TBC
About This Course​

The workshop will proceed via discussion, written 

exercises and role-playing as it focuses on how to best prepare for submitting your completed book to agents and/or publishers. From the initial cover letter and MS synopsis to a possible meet-up for a coffee and a chat.


Who is this course suitable for?


Fiction and non-fiction writers who have completed (or nearly so) their book for submission to agents and/or publishers.

What do I need to bring?


a) a pen 

b) the first 5pp of their manuscript

c) a 300-word synopsis of their MS if they have such to hand.


We Like


  • Learn how & why a synopsis differs from a blurb

  • Learn what role authors are expected to play in promoting their work. 

  • Learn why not every publishing house will prove a home.


Praise for Anthony

'Anthony, it was a pleasure having you teach/guide/direct me and build up a confidence I was so greatly lacking. Thank you for being an utter gent!'


Hilda M. Listowel Writers Week 2016

Anthony's Advice

How about a quote from Matisse instead? 'If you want to make art, cut off your tongue.' If a master painter advises such, surely it must apply tenfold to those of us striving to make art with words? In short, do not talk too much - if at all - about the story which you hope to pen.

Anthony's Story

‘Let’s say it began on a Greyhound bus pulling out of its Boston depot on Tuesday 5th July, 1966.  Being a Virgo, I'd of course even noted the time - 8:45 p.m - on the first page of a soft-cover, thread-bound, reporter-style notebook that served as a journal on that first, storied road trip all those years ago.’


Proud possessor of a $99/99 Day Bus Pass, Anthony spent the next ten weeks bussing and hitch-hiking some eight and a half thousand miles around the continental USA, along with a short trip north of the border into Canada, via ferry, to the lovely town of Victoria on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  He was nineteen and looking for adventure.


The first page or two of that journal are given over to describing fellow bus passengers, 'a small cowboy in violet shirt particularly obnoxious' and 'a twenty-five year-old African-American, off to Chicago to start a new life,' together with a notation that ‘Ohio and Indiana are all fields, barns and big cloud-filled sky.'  A later page notes a majestic sunset, 'dark purple clouds with a pink fringe' on the 'golden mountains' at Lake Solitude in the Grand Tetons, whose 10,000-feet altitude made him 'feel high, three or four beers worth anyways.'  And, yes, by the Summer’s end, he knew that he wanted to write on.


Slowly but surely he did, publishing two short story collections, two novels, and a fair bit of non-fiction. Anthony also works as a critic and freelance journalist, and is one of Ireland's leading and most eminent literary editors.

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