Writing for Kids, Teens and Inbe-Tweens

Ruth Frances Long

Sunday 22nd October, 10am - 1pm
Venue: Harold Boys' School

Ruth's Story

I always wanted to be a writer, for as long as I can remember. Perhaps it was growing up in Dalkey, home to many writers over the years. Or growing up with the legendary Exchange Bookshop on the doorstep. Or perhaps just with the magic of Killiney Hill and Dalkey Island to hand. There’s something about this town that just demands stories.


It took a while to get to publication, but it was worth it every step of the way. I can remember sitting in a German class with the text books open in front of me, but with a copybook in my lap in which I was writing an epic fantasy. Of course I was caught and my teacher confiscated it. I had to go to the staff room to ask for it back. Imagine my horror when she complimented me on it, meaning she’d read it!


I continued to write as RF Long and in 2008 I had my first pieces published. I wrote for adults, mainly in the fantasy and romance genres until I wrote a book based on fairytales and submitted it to various agents. Luckily enough there was a lot of interest and The Treachery of Beautiful Things was published in 2012 in the US by Dial. I followed it up with the trilogy set in Dublin, beginning with A Crack in Everything, the book which won the European Science Fiction Society’s award for Children’s Science Fiction and Fantasy books in 2015. The Dubh Linn trilogy (A Crack in Everything, A Hollow in the Hills, A Darkness at the End) from O’Brien Press has been an amazing adventure for me as a writer, blending fantasy, folklore and mythology with Dublin and its surroundings. It has since been translated into German, which of course, I can’t read.

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About This Course​

This course will cover:

  • Why write for children?  

  • Different books for different ages, book lengths and age groups

  • Crossover fiction

  • Genres

  • Ages and protagonists

  • Voice

  • Point of view and tense (including exercises for deep point of view)

  • Where do you get your ideas? (including exercises)

  • Building worlds in which to learn

  • Paths into adventure, a character’s journey


Who is this course suitable for?


Anyone who wants to write for kids, with a particular emphasis on older kids and teens.

What do I need to bring?


Pen and paper


We Like


  • Getting advice from an award winning, internationally published YA author.

  • Exercises and challenges to draw out voice and sink into point of view.

  • A broad look at all the categories of children’s literature, with details on writing for tweens, teens and Young Adults.


Praise for Ruth

'"Ruth's talk about the use of mythology in fiction was interesting and inspiring. It left me buzzing with ideas."


Rhoda Baxter author of Girl Having A Ball.

Ruth's Words of Wisdom

‘Only you can tell your story. You’re the only person with your experience, your life, your voice.’

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