Join us in the Writing Room...

The benefits of joining us in the Writing Room on Zoom to create a writing routine at this craaaazy time are many. Here are the Top 12.

1. You’ll feel good

You just will. Getting up and getting something done makes you feel better about yourself. And because we’re in Zoom you can come in your dressing gown if you like, and you can turn off your camera if you don’t want us to see you.

2. You’ll feel less confused

Some of us don’t know which day it is at the moment. We’re trying to make sense of the new normal and a lot of people are feeling discombobulated. The act of writing, of using grammar and syntax to form sentences, gives you the feeling you’ve organised the muddle in your head.

3. You’ll feel satisfied

If you do nothing else for the rest of the day, you’ve done this. You’ve done a page or two more writing than you would have done otherwise, and that feels satisfying. Plus, most people’s creative energy is highest in the morning. As the day wears on, it becomes diminished by decision-making and problem-solving and we’re less likely to get round to it.

4. You’ll feel connected

There’s a lovely feeling of comradery in the Writing Room. You hear the occasional dog barking, a door opening, and pages turning...

Writing in motion. Everyone together. Nice.

5. You’ll feel serene

Because that’s just how you feel when you’ve let go and expressed yourself creatively.

6. You’ll want to write more

No expansion on this point necessary.

7. You’ll increase your sense of well-being

We have to mind ourselves, folks. Mental as well as physical health is super important at this time. Giving ourselves the time and space to write is positive headspace. It’s an escape if you want a break from the people you’re living with, it’s company if you’re on your own. And that’s a win win.

8. You’ll feel more relaxed

We’re all plugged into the News and Coronavirus stats and if we’re being completely honest, we’ve become a bit addicted. We’re hungrily consuming a huge amount of content and as a result we feel overloaded, anxious and exhausted. When you write, you’re creating rather than consuming. You’re releasing the stuff that’s in your head onto the page and you’ll feel all the more relaxed and relieved for it.

And try and wean yourself off the news a bit.

9. It’s an opportunity to prioritise your creativity

It’s quiet in the Writing Room. No-one’s judging your work or cares how good you are. No-one’s asking you questions; you just write. And when you write with others, you tend not to question whether we should be doing something more important.

10. It’s an opportunity

When else in our lifetime will the world go on a Big Snooze like this again? Answer? Probably never. How many times have we all dreamed of / wished for / promised ourselves a month at home - or away - just to write? Answer? Probably a few, a good few times. This is even better than a holiday because there’s no work load building up in our absence. So take advantage, and write.

11. You’re in the moment

That’s the magic of creative writing. It forces you into the moment and nothing else exists. Time disappears...and what a lovely way to make time disappear.

12: You’ll become a better writer.

Writing is process. The more you write, the better you get. This is an opportunity to get better.

See you in the Writing Room!

Where: The Wriitng Room on Zoom

Time: 9-10am (GMT) Monday-Friday for the duration of the health crisis.

Meeting ID: 779 0220 2659

Password: 094 223

Suitable for all writers. There is no cost for entry.

Anna is the founder and director of and the Dalkey Creates Writing Festival. She is currently writing a non-fiction book for writers and is hosting the Writing Room.

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