Spotlight interview Samuel Jun

Over the next few weeks we’re running a series of Spotlight interviews with the guest facilitators who will be hosting workshops at this year’s Dalkey Creates Festival. Today we’re catching up with Wellness Guru Samuel Jun.

Samuel runs the Life Particle Yoga and Meditation Centre in South Dublin. Life Particle is based on the scientific concept that all matter is composed of tiny particles which are the building blocks of the universe. These elementary particles have infinite possibilities. Experiments have shown they can become anything, and their form is affected by our minds: in other words, we are always creating whether we know it or not.

Samuel has lived and worked in Germany and the UK, training instructors in Korean Yoga and Qigong. He recognises his own personal growth as the principle benefit of following this path. He currently provides training for around 50 students, with 10 students now ready to become instructors in Ireland.

Q. What did you want to be when you were a child?

For a long time, my dream was becoming a Catholic priest. I am from Catholic family, which is why I received an extra Western name. I think I always had the desire of being spiritual and I became a Yoga-Qigong teacher instead.

Q. Do you have a routine in your creative practice?

I used to play electric & classic guitar for 20 years, but now I am too busy to practice it, since this kind of instrument requires many hours of daily practice to be mistake-free.

Q. Which work of art do you wish you had created?

I wish I still have some more free time to practice and compose music with classic guitar.

Q. If you could give any advice to someone starting out on your path, what would it be?

It is a rewarding path if you get the essence. If you are good with postures and stretching, please move on to a further dimension from there. I used to say "Making a great Yoga posture does not solve your life problem". A true Yoga teacher should be able to help people's life.

Q. Who would you like to meet that you haven't already?

Nikola Tesla (1856 - 1943). I wouldn't have met him as he died before I was born.

Q. What would you ask them?

"What did you know actually?"

Q. Which actor would play you in the film of your life?

Does your question mean this? "Which known actor would suit the role of you if anyone makes a film of your life?" If so, Jeremy Irons. The reason is he looks the most similar to Rudolf Steiner, and I used to think that my path would be similar to Rudolf Steiner.

Samuel Jun will be running a workshop called 'The Art of Calligraphy' on Sunday 22nd October, 2pm - 5pm in Harold Boys' School, Dalkey

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