The Moviemaker in Your Pocket

Amanda Webb

Saturday 21st October, 2pm - 5pm
Venue: Dalkey Library

Amanda's Story

‘In 1995 I stepped off my first ever commercial flight. My bags and heavy boxes trundled around the luggage belt towards me at Dublin airport. I had £300 in my pocket and was ready to start something new.’


Growing up, Amanda always knew she'd be in 'the media,' but at that time, computer access amounted to a few stolen moments on the demo machines in Dixons. A camcorder was beyond her family budget and her radio station consisted of a mono tape recorder.


When she was fifteen, her Mother brought her to the local hospital radio station and by the time she was sixteen she'd been given her own show. 'Manda's Metal Daze' was on just after the Bingo every Wednesday night. The show ran for two years until she went to college to study film and television. Fresh out of college and dying to use her new skills she met a fledgeling film director in London. They were about to make a film in Ireland and that's how she ended up at Dublin airport with a pile of luggage.


Amanda spent ten years working in Irish film and television. Ten years of muddy fields, rainy mountains, tiny spaces with twenty other crew members. She worked on some high-profile productions such as Angela's Ashes, Ballykissangel and Adam & Paul.


But she wanted something else. She wanted to be her own boss, so she started a hamper company. That was when her marketing journey began. The hamper company didn't survive the recession but she did. She started a new company working with small businesses to help them market themselves better online. She co-founded Blog Awards Ireland. She was published on Social Media Examiner, Jon Loomer, Razor Social and Agorapulse. In 2014 she published her first book '365 Social Media Tips.' Now she creates a weekly YouTube show, podcasts and blogs. She's become a serial content creator. This year, Amanda's blog was named one of the Top 10 social media blogs in the world by Social Media Examiner.


Looking back on her days in the film and television business her mind boggles. Instead of dragging truckloads of equipment up hills and across bogs she can now shoot broadcast quality video on her mobile phone: one little device and one person can create content that people will watch, tens, hundred, thousands even millions of times.

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About This Course​

Your phone is a video camera, a video editor and a video distributor. You no longer require a camcorder and a high-powered computer to create stand-out video. You just need a quality smartphone. By the end of this course you will have participated in the creation of at least 2 videos.


This course is a journey into video production. You will learn:


  • How to plan your video shoot

  • How to tell a story with video

  • How to use tools and apps to enhance your video production

  • Editing video on a smartphone

  • Tips and best practice on making video for the web

  • How to upload your video to social channels

  • The importance of subtitling and how to do it quickly

  • How to prepare and shoot a live-streaming video for Facebook, Twitter or YouTube


Who is this course suitable for?


Content creators and storytellers who would like to upskill and learn more about mobile video production.

What do I need to bring?


A good quality mobile phone (iPhone or Android) with 1GB of free space


You will receive a list of apps that we recommend you download in advance of the course.

We Like


  • Amanda's practical, hands-on style

  • The relevance and cutting edge quality of this course

  • That you'll have the skills to create quality video that will keep people watching over and over again

  • That you can use what you make when the course is over: for your business, your blog or your children!


Praise for Amanda

“As part of the Business Information Technology Evening series, I invited Amanda to guest speak at the event which had over 30 business attendees and was delighted with the quality, humour and insight Amanda provided in her lecture. The feedback from the event and for Amanda in particular was outstanding and I would have no hesitation in highly recommending Amanda's work as both a blogger and speaker on social media marketing.”


Brendan Maguire: Digital Marketing Consultant And Lecturer

Amanda's Advice

People often tell me they aren't creative. I disagree. Everyone has creativity in them, it's just expressed in different ways. There's creativity all around us. In computer programming, in marketing, in the way we decorate our homes. A white wall can be just as creative as a mural.


Our creativity is an expression of who we are, we just need to recognise it and tease it out.

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