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Good Stories Make Good Business

Catherine Brophy

Saturday 21st October, 10am - 1pm
Venue: Magpie Inn

About This Course

Aim: To write effective publicity material for handouts/ leaflets and websites.

Who should attend?  Self-employed and owners of small businesses.

Catherine's Story

‘I’m a Dublin Jackeen, born and reared.  As a child, I loved it when my mother read and told stories because she always did the voices. I also had aunts and uncles who could all tell a good story so I’ve been learning the skills from birth.’


At school, Catherine discovered that when she wrote an essay the teacher would read it out to the class. She became hooked, and decided she wanted to be a writer when she grew up. However, she had no idea how to do that so she became a teacher of the deaf and later an Audiologist, specializing in children. She was interviewed several times on radio and T.V. on aspects of hearing loss, lectured in Audiology in Trinity College and U.C.D. and spoke at several conferences: that was when she discovered she enjoyed having an audience.


Catherine’s work with children involved Parent Counselling so she trained in Counselling and Group Facilitation and ran workshops for parents. She facilitated workshops on personal development and group dynamics for religious orders, for I.M.I., for Trinity College Psychology Dpt., the Teachers’ Centre and general groups.


Eventually the need to write made her leave work and write full time. She published the novels The Liberation of Margaret Mc Cabe, Dark Paradise and most recently Burning Bright and Gigolos for Jesus (short stories).  She wrote for Fair City for nine years and edited it for one.  She has also written for Sunday Miscellany and has appeared on the panel of the Arts Show with John Kelly.


About five years ago Catherine discovered a thriving Storytelling scene in Ireland and  started telling stories in Milk and Cookies, The Moth, Yarnspinners, Moth and Butterfly (Galway) and The Gab (Cork).  She was invited to tell at the Northlands Storytelling Conference and to perform in several venues in Des Moines, Iowa. She has also told in The Bear (Berlin Germany), Mezrab (Amsterdam) and the Volkshotel true stories event (Amsterdam).  The New York Moth chose her to tell a story at a cultural event organized by Mr. Kevin O’ Malley, the U.S. Ambassador, at his residence. Last year The Bear invited her to be one of their story consultants helping new storytellers.


With Orla Mc Govern and Nicole Blue (organizers of Moth and Butterfly) she devised and performed Wild Women and Witches for the Yarn Festival Bray, the Galway Theatre Festival and private events. She is frequently invited to perform stories for various events and institutions.


Catherine discovered that the skills she learned as a group facilitator apply equally well to running story-telling and writing workshops. She has facilitated groups in the U.S., Hungary, Holland and here in Ireland.


And she’s travelled the world. She’s been kicked by a horse on the Mexican plain, eaten breakfast with a Zambian chief and been rescued by circus performers in Serbia. So, yes, she really does have a few great stories to tell.

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About This Course​


To help business people find an engaging way to attract new customers and keep the old ones.



  • Discovering the best story to promote your business

  • Developing that story

  • Essentials of good storytelling

  • Differences between telling and writing

  • Writing the first draft



You will come away with, at least, the first draft of a story you can use in promotions.



This course will be run as a workshop to include:

  • Short exercises in small groups

  • Sharing experience and information

  • Short talks on relevant information/ techniques etc.

  • Giving and receiving positive feedback


Who is this course suitable for?


Anyone who wants to discover a new and genuinely exciting way to promote their business. No previous experience is necessary.


What do I need to bring?


Notebook and pen is enough but, if you like, laptop / tablet.   

Wear comfortable clothes.

We Like


  • Stories are a proven, fantastic, unique way to attract customers

  • You will get a story you can use time and again to promote your business.

  • You will have tremendous amounts of fun!


Praise for Catherine

"Catherine came to the conference in Wisconsin and knocked the socks off many national and international tellers who come from Canada and all over the US for this event…


Catherine is a well practised and incredible presenter, she is humorous, witty, professional, and interesting.  She captivates audiences with her wisdom, tender appreciation of others, and her well tuned tales of life…


The workshops I have seen Catherine present are full of creative and useful ideas. Catherine involves everyone in her workshops, remembers names, and is very nurturing and helpful when working with others. She is truly interested in helping people become better presenters and to chronicle history."


Maureen J. Korte



Catherine Says...

"You learn most when you’re enjoying yourself.

My job is to make sure you’ll enjoy the learning."

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