A Story in a Single Frame

Beta Bajgartova

Saturday 21st October, 10am - 1pm
Venue: Harold Boys' School

Beta's Story

‘Photography and visual arts that capture people and their stories, have always been my passion. Only recently I found photographs I took on a school trip when I was in 6th class. But just like many of my peers, I too was told to find a proper job first.’


Growing up in the Czech Republic, Beta spent a lot of of her childhood with her grandfather Frantisek. Together they went on long walks in the hills and mountains around her home, instilling in her a great love of the natural world. Beta graduated with a degree in Journalism followed by a Masters in Czech Literature and Music. She worked as a reporter for almost a decade and although she loved the job, the most exciting part was always going to the lab and collecting the photographs she had taken on her assignments.


When she moved to Ireland in 2004, she finally decided to pursue her passion and turn it into a job. It was tough-going but somehow it always felt like the right thing to do.


Beta was eventually contracted as a stills photographer on RTE’s Fair City, and her pictures and other commercial photos regularly feature in magazines and online platforms. She is also a product and fashion photographer but her main interest has always been people: she is constantly searching for ways of telling someone’s story in a single frame.


In 2012, she launched a photographic collection called Dreams which explored the possibilities of long exposure. She also explored another aspect of storytelling with subjects that she found at home in a collection of black and white images called When Kids Are Asleep.


Her most recent publication, a beautiful coffee-table book entitled A Woman’s Work is a testament to brave women who are following their dreams and in many cases, stirring the gender stereotypes. From an astrophysicist to a firefighter, a cobbler to a mechanic, this series of rarely-seen images documents modern women in predominantly male industries and their struggle to fully embrace their creative and professional passions.

When she’s not taking photos, Beta cooks a lot for her family, and she likes to sing too!

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About This Course​

Do you enjoy taking pictures? Would you like to learn how to capture a story in a single frame? Together with Beta you will discuss storytelling in images and what this means. Then, looking at some of her work as examples, you will explore the techniques used in creating a single-framed story. For the second half of the workshop and using Dalkey as your canvas, you will find and take a picture that tells a story.


Who is this course suitable for?


Do you have a camera? Do you enjoy taking meaningful pictures? Would you like to learn some techniques to get more out of it? If so, this workshop is for you.


What do I need to bring?


A camera, or a device that has a camera.

We Like


  • Beta’s fresh, informative, friendly approach

  • Getting skills in a really user-friendly creative form

  • Nothing fancy required: your best camera is the one you have on you, and we bet there are some great stories waiting to be told with it!  


Praise for Beta

“A Woman’s Work presents a very different picture of Irish women. From striking pictures of firefighters to astrophysicists, to rarely seen images of women as cobblers and mechanics, it disrupts the gender stereotypes and shows in a creative and exuberant style that women can achieve and strive in every part of life.”  

Orla O’Connor, Director of the National Women’s Council of Ireland


“Like all good photographers, Beta has a knack of pulling out aspects of people’s personalities and their humanity that might not be so evident at first glance. Nowhere is this more evidenced than in her coffee-table photography book, A Woman’s Work, a series of brilliant portraits that focus on women in unusual or male-dominated professions.”

Una Mullaly, Irish Times



Beta's Advice

Respect yourself and don’t worry: you’re good enough!

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